Narvik spring skiing

Narvik again? Do we never get tired of this place?!? The answer is yes, but when conditions are good in Narvik, very few ski resorts can compare, at least when it comes to scenery.

This year, I went again with my good friend Rasmus. We had booked four days but ended up spending just three days as the weather was to turn bad on the last day.

Day 1

First day was some in bounds skiing and a short ski tour to the “third summit”. I had never skied the most direct line straight down the north side which felt quite steep and was very sustained in comparison with “Mörkhåla” which is the most classic steep line but mellows out quite quickly.

Very enjoyable.


An easy walk from the top of the lift to the “Third summit”


The north face of the “Third summit” in the shaded area to the left of the rocky ridge. Mörkhåla on the far right.

Day 2

The second day was to be a real test for my friend Rasmus who was about to embark on his first proper ski tour! The goal was Rombakstötta which is probably the most iconic mountain in Narvik.

After a few hours of hard work, two snack breaks (and some swearing) we reached the summit and were greeted by the amazing views of the surrounding fjords and mountains.

On top of that we enjoyed a great descent mostly on spring snow.


The summit of Rombakstötta


One happy first time tourer!

Day 3

We didn’t have a full day of skiing as the train leaves sometime after lunch but we spent a few hours cruising the pistes.

About Narvik

Narvik is a port town located on the Norwegian Atlantic coast north of the polar circle.

The map below (taken from shows Rombakstotta in the upper right corner and the “Tredjetoppen” as the point marked 1272 just east of the ski lifts that go up to point 1007.



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