Tajakante Klettersteig

On our summer road trip through Europe this year, we made a stop in Ehrwald, in the “Zugspitze arena” as it is called. Zugspitze is the highest point in Germany, but straddles the border with Austria.

Our goal was not Zugspitze though, but the “Tajakante klettersteig” (Klettersteig being the German word for Via Ferrata). The klettersteig follows a vague ridge to the summit of the “Vorderer Tajakopf” and is supposed to be one of the best in the area!

The weather, unfortunately, was a bit unstable with rain and thunder in the afternoons. We had originally planned to spend two days doing the via ferrata on the first and then stay at the Coburger hut. We instead made the first day into an easy walk up to the hut and used the second day to do the via ferrata and descend back to Ehrwald.


Start of the Via Ferrata


Sign at the start informing us that the via ferrata is only for experienced climbers with the proper gear.



Just leaving the ground

The via ferrata immediately starts of with some proper climbing and some quite heavy bits. We had a piece of rope with us which I used to belay my girlfriend from above since she wasn’t comfortable with the steep climbing and we didn’t want to risk a fall.

After the first bits of difficult via ferrata, there was quite a lot of easier scrambling interspersed with short steep parts. About two thirds up, there is a short walk before continuing on more exposed via ferrata to the summit.


Some quite exposed bits where the only option was to hang onto the wire.


Higher up, the views got more spectacular.


View of the Mieminger range and the Coburger hut from near the summit.


Near the summit, Sonnenspitze in the background.


Having a coffee on the summit.


The Tajakante klettersteig is definitely a worthwhile effort. The mountains in the area are not very high, but still spectacular and the Tajakopf is almost as high as the highest summits in the range. It is worth doing it just for the view.

We had originally planned to do it directly from the parking in Ehrwald, but thunder was forecasted for the afternoon so we instead opted for a stay at the very nice Coburger hut and then getting an earlier start the next day.

When researching for the route it wasn’t totally clear how long it would take. We found times ranging from 3 to 6 hours. For us it took about 20 minutes from the Coburger hut to the start, 3.5 h to the summit and then one hour to descend back to the hut. I would rate us as pretty average ferratistas in terms of speed.

To conclude, a worthwhile via ferrata in spectacular surroundings.



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